Hilarious Announcements on Planes

Photo by Abi Skipp (Flickr.com)

Hell. O. On bee arf of WonWhirl, capTAIN Gonzalez and thee ker. Roo. wanna welCOME yooooooo a. Board. Please fast ten your seat BElt and gurrrreedyfour take OFF.

I hate flying but I love these announcements. Why the poor bugger who knows nothing about the language has to read it out I have no idea.

I imagine BA’s attempts at French or German are equally brilliant.

If LAN or any airline is interested in my services as an English teacher (and they should be), I’d be more than happy to help.  🙂


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One response to “Hilarious Announcements on Planes

  1. Joris Vleminckx

    I will pass it on to the powers that be…

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